About Us

Who we are ?

It all started with my Grandfather & Father in Industrial construction and my interest in equipment at a young age on the some of first major industrial projects in Alberta. My first industrial job as an apprentice Iron Worker at the Co-op Upgrader while I was still in high school. In 1991 I chose a path and started my career the Rental Equipment industry. Now, with over 28 years of crane and equipment experience through ownership, acquisition, buying, selling and rental services; Polar Crane & Equipment Ltd. is proud to offer dedicated service and knowledge based solutions to support your specific needs.

Polar Crane & Equipment Ltd. is an organization founded on quality, reliability and client satisfaction and with a strong commit to “Think Safety, Be Safety” that will lead and guide us everyday to success through safety. Our extensive knowledge and industry experience can support your decisions or advise you and provide the right equipment for purchase or rental to support your needs.

What we do ?

Equipment Sales

Equipment Rental

Equipment Leasing

Our Mission

Polar Crane & Equipment was found on dedication to client needs and providing valued, respected, highest quality equipment to clients world wide. Led by a commitment to building long term relationships with service and meeting clients needs to provide solutions no matter how big or small the request. We also ensure the highest level of communication to deliver success and meet expectations every step of the way.

Sales 90%
Rental 95%
Leasing 98%